Hunt for details of men on memorial

In the year that marks the centenary of the start of the First World War, a north Northumberland woman is looking to find out more about the fallen soldiers from her village.

Eileen Duncan wants to discover the background of the soldiers on the war memorial in Ellingham, with the idea of possibly producing a booklet containing all the information.

“I am currently trying to trace some details of the people whose names are on our memorial so that they become not just a name but a person,” she said.

“I am hoping that some of you will have some information about these people and can help me build a picture of them.

“I do know a little about some of them, but very little about many and the first name of only one of the Second World War victims so any help would be greatly appreciated.

“Hopefully I can get enough information to produce a leaflet to leave in church to give later generations this information.

“So far I have met the niece of one of the First World War victims and she has information, including photos, which she is willing to share – I do not expect to be that lucky with all of the names, but hope to build a picture of these men and what their lives were like before the wars.”

Anyone with information can contact Eileen by email at, by telephone on 01665 589293 or by writing or calling at 7 Ellingham Village, Chathill, NE67 5HA.

The names inscribed on the memorial are as follows:

First World War, in France: 1916 – Captain Wilfred Jervis Davis; 1918 – Lieutenant Robert Oakley V Thorp MC; 1915 – Robert Hornsby; 1915 – William Brown; 1916 – Thomas George Elliott; 1916 – Frederick Ord; 1917 – James Watson; 1917 – John Thomas Baston; 1918 – Andrew English; 1918 – Robert Dunn; 1918 – John Cairns.

First World War, in England: 1916 – Thomas James Romaines; 1917 – Charles Brown; 1919 – Edward Miller.

Second World War: Major GE Baker-Cresswell; Corporal A Mark; Driver G Baston; Fusilier A Crozier; Fusilier J Stewart; Private C Lowther.

The First World War started on July 28, 1914, and lasted until November 11, 1918.