50 years ago this week: Friday, May 25, 1962

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ELEVEN out of 18 council house tenants at Amble who ignored a letter from the Urban Council asking them to give a reason for being in arrears with their rent are to receive a further letter telling that if they fail to furnish an adequate reason within three weeks, notice to quit will be served.

“They are just making a fool out of us,” declared Coun C Badman at Tuesday night’s meeting of the council when he seconded a motion by Coun F Kane that a second letter be sent to the offending tenants.

Coun Badman said some of the tenants concerned were earning big money yet were always on the arrears list.

“I don’t think we should tolerate it,” he stated.

Coun J R Rowland said it was ‘very unfair’ to the rest of the ratepayers in the town. “Some of these house haven’t been up five minutes and there are rent arrears,” he added.

Coun T Straffen (chairman) said that of the remaining tenants five were now clear and two had reduced their arrears.

The letter to the tenants said the Finance Committee took a serious view of the fact that they were persistently in arrears, asked for an explanation and pointed out that the position would be examined at the council meeting when it would be decided what action should be taken.

A motion by Coun E Alcock, seconded by Coun J Wonders, that the 11 tenants be called before the Finance Committee to give an explanation was rejected and it was agreed to send a second letter.

• BY four votes to two, the council turned down an application from Shilbottle Town Foot farmer, Mr Clive Stoker, to install an egg vending machine on the council’s caravan site.