50 years ago this week: Friday, January 27, 2011

A NEW rabbit clearance society is likely to be formed in the near future in north Northumberland.

The area between the Aln and the Breamish – the only one in the county where there is no society – may soon be under control.

At a committee meeting on Tuesday, the Alnwick branch of the NFU decided to sponsor an open meeting to be held under the chairmanship of Mr JB Bell to explore the possibility of organising a clearance society for this area.

There are not many rabbits in that part of the county, Mr FMJ Rawlins, Alnwick branch NFU secretary told the Gazette, but a rabbit clearance society is the cheapest form of insurance against an increase in their numbers.Recent tests have shown, says Mr Rawlins, that rabbits are developing an immunity towards myxomatosis and can no longer be controlled by the disease.