25 years ago this week – Thursday, November 26, 1987

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Hot sun, spectacular views and a short ride from a long sandy beach. Not an obvious description of a town such as Warkworth, but its namesake in New Zealand fits the bill perfectly. And the Northumbrian Warkworth’s Doreen Forsyth has become the first person in the North East of England to be awarded a New Zealand Dairy Board scholarship.

A three-week trip of New Zealand is our own cookery columnist’s reward for weeks of research and writing, something the former librarian is not unaccustomed to. Farmer’s wife Doreen, of New Barns Farm, entered the competition through her local WI and was chosen out of thousands of entrants for the scholarship. “I have always wanted to go to New Zealand,” said Doreen. “I have a friend who lives in Warkworth, NZ, whom I write to and it is going to be interesting to see that town.”